The Technological Revolution Reaches The World Of Golf

In the XXI century, intelligent technology has completely invaded all spheres of our daily lives, including, of course, that of sports. Despite maintaining the classic style of play that characterizes golf so much , this sport is one of those that has benefited the most from revolutionary technological advances in recent years, as we can observe today on any of the golf courses from the Costa del Sol .

Technology and golf: the most popular gadgets among players

GPS watches, sensors, connected gloves, software to measure the trajectory of the ball … the technology applied to golf is here to stay and is used by both professional and amateur players. We tell you what are some of the most popular gadgets in the world of golf.

Sensors in equipment and golf courses

When a player takes a shot, it takes a long time to figure out where the ball lands. For this reason, the implementation of sensors in golf equipment and courses, which allow us to demonstrate the exact point of fall , has been one of the greatest technological advances in this sport. In addition, sensor gloves, watches and clubs provide the ability for players and the public to rewatch each play accurately by analyzing different factors, such as the angle of the shot or the force of the club during the swing.

GPS technology

The GPS technology in golf clubs was the first step, but now also incorporates , sprinklers, golf carts and smart watches balls . This allows the status of the game to be followed and signaled with greater precision (and in real time) to the most distant viewers –among other uses-.


The scopes increase the quality of perception at the moment of a swing , as well as the fall or the trajectory of the ball. The latest technological advances in golf scopes offer a range of around 450 meters and options that even allow you to define the exact temperature on the course or the height the ball reaches .


The technology in ‘Trackman’ golf clubs has been one of the latest advancements in the world of golf. It is a light piece of equipment that resembles a telephone and consists of a double radar that will measure the trajectory and angle of the club at the moment of swinging . But it also offers other utilities, such as recording the ball’s complete travel and speed .