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NGTronix is BIG on sports! We want to give you that extra edge you are looking for in your game through our new and innovative technologies. We are here to help you improve and hone your skills through our simple and convenient, yet powerful products.

Our latest product is an e-trainer for golfers! It is revolutionary in making golf practice sessions even more efficient by giving real time feedback regarding the body’s motion during golf swing. This data is constantly tracked and can be shared with friends and coaches, making golfing even more fun!

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Electronic Golf Trainer

Our electronic golf trainer helps you improve your performance in a shorter amount of time by tracking and monitoring your movement and stance. Our integrated system consists of a pair of smart shoe insoles and a smart wristband communicating to a smart phone and phone app. The smart insoles track your foot movement and the smart wristband tracks your swing essentially capturing all the important body motion factors. The phone app processes this data and presents it to you in a convenient intuitive manner.


 Every time the user takes a shot, they have the option to save, edit or delete their profile. A user’s profile consists of weight profile, avatar video, center of pressure, swing analysis and power output which is time synchronized throughout the user’s swing. Profiles can be shared with your friends and coaches. 



This module gives the user access to pro golfer videos, coaching videos, their favorite baseline profile avatars and even their friend’s profiles that can be used as reference. In practice mode, the app shows the user comparative analysis between the user’s swing and the chosen video in real time.




 The record keeping feature allows the user to track and analyze the changes in their technique and its effect on their performance over time. Record tracking helps the user compare various performance evaluation parameters over a chosen period of time.





Our team


Nathaniel Groendyk - CEO and Co-founder

Nathaniel Groendyk

CEO and Co-founder


Ben Wenzofsky - Biomechanical Engineer

Ben Wenzofsky

Biomechanical Engineer



Adam Epstein - Mechanical Engineer

Adam Epstein

Mechanical Engineer



Anjuli Nason - Mechanical Engineer

Anjuli Nason

Mechanical Engineer


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